Don Cherry: Decline of The White Male?

From a “behind-the-scenes” socio-political manipulation angle (by intelligence agencies, complicit media and citizens, etc), there’s a whole lot more to the Don Cherry debate than meets the eye; however, that discussion will come later. For now, I’ll stick to the

Not unlike recently ousted sports commentator Don Cherry of Hockey Night in Canada’s Coach’s Corner fame – I, too, mourn “the decline of Anglo-Canada”. (A Toronto Star columnist used this apt description on The National, during its November 11th broadcast, in discussing Cherry’s dismissal. His name was Gordon something.) 

Don Cherry’s firing – over comments that I essentially agree with in spirit – is emblematic of the permanently changing Canadian socio-political landscape. I was just emailing about these very issues, the day before Cherry called out newcomers and immigrants, seemingly, for not wearing poppies to honour war veterans and those who have lost life or limb to war.

I stand in solidarity with ALL peoples, to varying degrees (in spite of the dodgy, wonky, treacherous vibes I give off, due to PTSD and hypervigilance). And I truly believe in (though may struggle with) the values of respect, decency, integrity, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and so on. Yet, the night before Don Cherry’s unfortunate and polarizing word choice – “You people…!” – I myself had expressed frustration about Canada’s current state of affairs, and our collective future.

I also said that anything that adds to more ‘political correctness’ is bad news in my books. We need to speak our honest truths.

The fact is, many newcomers to Canada do not make much effort to learn about or honour this country’s heritage – including the sacrifices made by veterans, past and present.  Here’s another article on Don Cherry’s firing; and this CBC article paints a more complete picture of Don Cherry, and his long-standing contributions to Canadian hockey and beyond. Personally, I believe the frustrations Don Cherry expressed, and the major controversy he has evoked, are symptomatic of deeper issues lurking in Canada’s social fabric – and hence, this blog.

To honour some past veterans, I hope my relatives don’t mind my taking license here to post a picture of their ancestors, who served during World War II.  (Oh well, I see now that this actually offends people’s sensibilities – the Yellow Peril, etc.)

Globe & Mail: Readers’ Responses to Don Cherry’s Dismissal from Hockey Night in Canada.

I will be sharing more thoughts on this complicated topic shortly, in my usual blundering way…

(I’ve been experiencing heightened anomalies and potential threats to health this past week.)

NOTE, Jan. 3/20: In assessing the hornet’s nest I’ve stirred up by launching this blog – out of necessity, not because I have the same burning desire for co-creating mutual understanding, healing environments, and collaborative and holistic solutions for a better future.

UPDATE, Feb. 29/20: Well, in the ensuing months since launching this blog out of necessity, due to signs of pervasive and pernicious surveillance resurfacing in my life 14 years later, it is clear that a whole bunch has happened and actually transformed the socio-political scenes in Canada and the U.S. Long story. As mentioned, actual health threats started occurring in mid-November. It is now February 2020, and quite likely some aspect of my health – and particularly, brain health – may decline in the near future. Stay tuned.

PS – It’s actually sad that one can love one’s country deeply and wish well for all its people, and yet for reasons that will only be known to some, many people in Canada and beyond have gotten on the “get-rid-of Lana Choi bandwagon”. Thanks. I guess I’ve served out my purpose, and shared a variety of ideas since my surveillance began 2 decades ago, which seemingly disappeared for 14 years – and then, resurfaced with a vengeance unexpectedly in September 2019. This turned into downright health-threats by mid-November, with a simple trip to the hairdressers. Kindly see the CBC series, “Coroner” (Season 2, Episode 8) to appreciate how East-West and North-South learnings about both Old World and New World health knowledge can produce both miraculous cures and undetectable means of poisoning and killing someone. My story will be the latter.

Ironically, after my surveillance began 22 years ago, I spoke a number of times about effective natural and holistic or alternative healers I came across in Hong Kong and Asia (though they are of ALL different races and backgrounds, from Costa Rica to USA, Australia to Vietnam, and Britain to China. I had also later mentioned a few times in email and private conversations that I had really wanted to contact Canadian hockey great Sid Crosby about a skilled healer in Asia who can treat concussions and head injuries. Anyway, these past carings about all of Canada and its many wonderful people have had the complete opposite effect. Instead of coming together as a nation of diverse peoples, it is all about igniting the fire for strengthening a certain status quo – particularly from an ‘evolutionary’ and defensive perspective of pure and necessary survival. I understand. And clearly, my blog and posts have seemingly hit a very raw nerve.

Yet, this is the paradox, folks. As per Don Cherry’s expressed concerns about newcomers to Canada not appreciating its history or traditions and respect for our war veterans, I and many people I’ve known or grew up with have been loved Canada, and considered ourselves proud Canadians all our lives, regardless of ancestry – yet that, too, is profoundly problematic. Like that old tune, “Signs,” by Five Man Electrical Band.

God forbid one should ever truly ‘belong’ and be patriotic or try to help improve it in any way for the good of the country and respecting its founders, culture, heritage and traditions, and so forth. Not only have there been health assaults to myself, but also threats in general to other multi-generational, native-born or long-time Canadians. Believe me, they have contributed to this country in pretty much every realm, but ‘the fix’ is in.

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