Decline + Repopulation of the White Male – Part 2

EDIT, Jan. 3/20: I had long thought about the declining Caucasian population in both Canada and the U.S. During Canada’s recent federal elections, with the emphasis on childcare and such, the implications were obvious to me. (Ack, it would ruffle too many feathers to discuss how that ball got tossed around, during and after the election.) In the past, I have openly suggested that there needs to be a repopulation among white folks, as they simply do not seem to be giving birth at the same rates as other groups. Please don’t consider this discriminatory against any groups. Yet having grown up in a different time in Canada, and having (mostly) happy memories of it, I am acutely aware of how things have changed – some good, and some not so good. I don’t wish to pit myself against ANY group or persons. And, frankly, I’ve been unfair to a lot of people and groups, on here and in life, while dealing with my own issues and struggles. (Though Big Brother loves to spin things in their own way; but I will always know what MY fuller truths were/are.)

This is WHY we need to create spaces and opportunities for honest communication and socio-environmental healing.

Original post:

As I wrote in a recent email (Nov. 11/19 – posting soon), having reflected on the depopulation of white men in North America for some time, one factor that springs to mind is: WAR – including its after-effects, like psychological trauma, unemployment, homelessness, etc – which has increasingly led to veteran suicides, both in Canada and the U.S.

For example, in Canada:


And in the U.S.:

Biden’s claim that more Iraq/Afghanistan veterans have committed suicide than were killed in action

“In 2016, 37 military personnel died in Iraq and Afghanistan, or three per month, compared with 893 veteran suicides between the ages of 18 to 34, or 74 a month.”

The waste of life, especially of young – often Caucasian – Canadian and American men in their prime, is staggering and senseless. As mentioned here, Don Cherry and I are seemingly on the same page – at the same time – about recent immigrants and newcomers to Canada having a lesser appreciation for those who came before.

For Don Cherry’s exclusive news interview with CityTV (the reporter’s name escapes me), Don wore one of his ever-memorable blazers – yet this one is a combination of both the American and Canadian flags – and predominantly American.

YouTube link:

Anyway, this is one of those instances where I wonder if someone happened to speak to Don Cherry shortly before the Coach’s Corner broadcast to *rile* him up about the poppies issue, and this is how things have ensued (ie, Cherry’s firing, media firestorm, divided social camps). The point being what? Perhaps the social chaos could help unify Anglo-Canadians with their American counterparts? I don’t know.

I DO know that my surveillers – already master strategists – have vastly improved since my original “surveillance years” (1998 – 2005) into highly skilled manipulators of diverse social groups and controllers of the ‘collective consciousness‘.

Collective Consciousness: Definition, etc

This is a good video definition, but you may need to login:

Only a tiny population of people may ‘get’ why I question aspects of Don Cherry’s situation and firing, and appreciate why I am a wee bit skeptial: Hello, co-opted CSIS moles and growing supporters of Canada’s Renewed Agenda.

The problem that people do not realize is this:

If the persistent surveillance and pernicious harassment I’ve been claiming is true (1998 – 2005; and now, roughly September 2019 to present), with extensive efforts to SILENCE ME, this could very well trace an indirect trail to the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks – which many so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ have long questioned as being an *inside job*.

One would not like to think that approximately 3,000 beloved people in New York died needlessly to launch wars on 2 other nations (Iraq, Afghanistan) for geopolitical reasons.

I digress…

Although I do NOT support war (see my 1986 poem, below), I appreciate the sacrifices our military have made and continue to make, and I do believe simply buying and wearing a poppy is the least that one can do to honour all veterans and military staff, plus their spouses, families, and so on.

Three days after Remembrance Day (November 14), I was watching this news story on TV, and I hurriedly got up to leave for work, feeling a mixed bag of emotions. The combination of being oppressed by 24/7 surveillance, personal threats, and frequent interference with my on/offline activities by racist / supremacist surveillers (otherwise known as CSIS), YET naturally caring about vets and the bigger picture (eg, PTSD and suicides), stirs up a slightly frustrated response.

“Family outraged after school doesn’t pause at 11 a.m. on Remembrance Day due to recess”

The next day – 4 whole days AFTER Remembrance Day – I received this email promotion from my auto repair shop:

Date: On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 10:55 AMSubject: Fwd: Lest we ForgetTo: Cc: Lest we Forget    

~ Exclusive Deal! ~

Have you used our exclusive deal yet? In honour of Remembrance Day, use the code POPPY19 and we will donate $5 to Vets Canada on your behalf!

It expires November 30th, 2019. 

Remember to show us your code at the time of checkout.   

~ Women In Trades: Welcome Grades 7-12

  1. No business that I know of sends out a promotion after the event is over – much less 4 days later.
  2. I had raved about this auto shop in this email (scroll down), and had thrown in the owner’s ethnicity and gender because my older relatives, who are pathmakers in their own right, would appreciate knowing that a young Asian woman can run a car repair shop competently. Besides that, this owner actively attends Leadership Conferences to both enhance her craft and encourage others to greater accomplishment. Her race was not a big deal to me, but the fact that she is a woman was a selling point – and far more importantly, I wanted to find honest, affordable, and excellent mechanics.


My poem about war:

Mourning Dove

Hope to touch your gilded wings;
Hope to see the light of things.

The bird of peace’s endless flight;
Upon soldiers’ tombs she did alight.

Softly she did cry for those,
Whose foolish war had brought their woes.

Senseless pain from loved ones wrought;
Freedom, for their deaths, was bought.

Helpless tears their families cried;
In pure vain, their children died.

Hope that someday wisdom will shine;
Hope that peace will be yours and mine.

– L, 1986

(Within days of this posting, I’m watching MSNBC (a constant favourite of my boyfriend/partner) and hear that an American politician has submitted her statements to the Senate for the Trump impeachment hearings – along with a poem. Have you ever heard of that in modern-day U.S. politics?? Maybe in 1776, but not nowadays. Anyway, I can point to a startling (bold, creative) correspondence between things or themes I’ve just written about and unique news stories occurring here and in the U.S. KINDLY HOLD YOUR THOUGHTS UNTIL I GET AROUND TO ADDRESSING THIS UNLIKELY STORY.)

This sounds impossible and unlikely, until one better understands TECHNO TOTALITARIANISM – which exploded after the 9/11 tragedy.

And this is a March 2005 excerpt from my surveillance blog.

[EDIT, Jan. 3/20: One of my blogposts got deleted; the contents of which happened to turn into a “breaking news” story in the U.S., during Christmas, 2019. Skeptical? Details to come.]

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