What’s Happened in the Past 3 Weeks

How about all the businesses – ie, people who normally want my money – who are now literally turning away from potential sales from me (and in some respects, my partner D.).

1. Home Care = NO CARE? Strange…

Just received this follow-up email from a large referral company that specializes in connecting people to senior living and/or home care (I’ve edited it for privacy; and kindly excuse the level of frustration in my tone):

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 2:08 PM JH wrote:

Hi ___. I just talked to your mother ___. I wondered how D is doing? Is he getting home care?

Warm regards,



(edited for clarity)

November 29, 2019 – 1:16PM

Hi J,

I spoke to 2 of the people who contacted me, as a result of your services – G. at Spector HomeWatch and Charlene H. Both seemed keen to get started on D’s case, offering initial service within 48 hours. I gave them my email and phone contacts, yet never received any of the details they promised to send, or any follow-up.

After D’s 2nd hospital visit to replace his cast, 3 weeks later, the fracture clinic has finally put him in touch with LHIN, and a PSW came 2 days later.

To your customer service centre and also 1 of the 2 referrals, I explained that D’s telephone number is the primary contact, so he can set up suitable times with them directly, as needed. Or use my cellphone number – but not my parents’ home number, which is what everyone has been calling, even though I’ve explained repeatedly I was using that number temporarily that evening, because my cellphone has been malfunctioning (though it still recognized calls, and from whom). So I would simply call people back from other phones.

I am (hence, we are) under nefarious watch and harassment, so I do not hold you personally responsible. It is what it is.


Thanks anyway,

In the 3 weeks since D’s been released from hospital, I called CHATS 4x to seek respite, so I may attend to other things – but no reply, despite my leaving 4 messages and also D’s CHATS client #. (And the woman T., who drove him home from hospital, was supposed to come by after a few days to check-in on him. She never did.)
NOTE: I realize CHATS is a separate organization from the referral service above, but I originally contextualized everything into one message to show how all-encompassing the situation has been – and yet, these are paid services and prospective caregivers, who have seemingly let my boyfriend fall by the wayside. All calls to CHATS were made from D’s phone, which works fine.

Friday, November 29, 2019 – 2:30PM

Just had another incident:
Pharmacy did not deliver D’s painkiller for his broken ankle and chronic pain, despite a prescription renewal being sent to them over a week ago. And yet, the previous week, they made 3 separate deliveries on Mon, Tues, Fri. – during the week I became hyper-aware of threats to health, both mine and others who might be ‘helped along’. Usually, this drug store groups everything together and delivers ONE TIME, every Friday.

Speaking of pharmacies, I have just discovered a not-so-centrally located drug store in this low-key town, with its vestiges of small-town, community feel, has closed down after years – AND it has been replaced with a computer coding outfit for kids, called CodeNinjas.

I spoke about the grooming of moles, here. Get ’em young. Believe me, this is not just incredibly forward-thinking, but TOTALLY out of keeping with this town’s character and values: that is, down-to-earth Quality of Life – despite the tensions caused by the rapid development and high influx of immigrants of colour in the past 8-10 years, which included a 20% growth rate for several years.

Meanwhile, a 3rd and 4th pharmacy have just opened – all well-known companies, and all on the same street – in a less than 2 km radius! That requires a certain kind of ‘all-knowing’ and typically costly market research to make such a bold move.


2. The iPhone Curse

November 16, 2019

I went to BestBuy and five (5) different cellphone shops to get a new iPhone.
I started off at BestBuy, but they no longer carry the older, more compact iPhone SE. The first 3 out of 4 retail shops (Freedom Mobile, Virgin, Fido outlets, and one popular repair shop, according to Yelp) told me they were, ‘Sold out,’ no matter which of the 3 phones – SE, 8, or 11 – I asked for. And yet, they had sales signs or floor models for the ones in question.
Three of the stores were at Pacific Mall, an Asian electronics hub; I ended up there because my phone was older, and it seemed a nearby repair shop (below) was the only place that still carried the SE in-store. But despite their advertised sign, they quickly said: ‘It’s sold out’. At all 3 big name stores, the moment I walked up to the particular model I’d been asking about, they immediately went blank, like the connection had been cut, and I could not try them out.
Had I been wiser, I would’ve recorded everything I experienced at Pacific Mall, because who could believe these 3 stores – Freedom Mobile, Virgin, Fido – would be turning away business?
(Up to Nov. 16 of this year, I was still equivocal about who or what was really behind the random, yet escalating anomalies and incidents. Because for 8 whole years, between 2005 to 2013, I did not undergo any of the tampering, harassment, and both subtle and overt threats that I had experienced between 2001 to 2005. Like everyone else, I tried to dismiss the rare but disturbing little incidents that took place, starting again in 2013. Since August, I have regained significant control over my mental healthcare, and have been my own advocate in search of healing. I briefly attended a trauma-based educational group, but found it more triggering than helpful. Anyway, in the process of piecing my life back together, I have written increasingly about different issues that I’m involved in or concerned about, or as outreach to people I may have put off. In the past 2 months, the now-undeniable incidents and subtle threats/messages have ramped up to a whole new level, picking up steam by October-November 2019.)
3 iphone repair buy SE - 11-16-19
At Virgin, the phone I wanted to see said: “Network is disabled – Emergency Contact“. Since I wanted to get a phone quickly and get to D’s place (as mine had been malfunctioning ever since I wrote a detailed email about phone hacking – see below), I told her I would sign up for the 2-year contract / $0 down.
As I was speaking with the salesperson, the supervisor was on her phone and stared at me repeatedly. The salesperson _Emma_ then went to the backroom to get the phone I planned to sign up for, and she and her supervisor spoke for several minutes, behind the curtain.
When the woman returned to enter my information into her computer, she asked me for my Emergency Contact. I thought it strange, but told her anyway.
Then, she asked for my Emergency Contact’s Email. I said, ‘Sorry, I’m not giving you that.’
Next, she said her computer network went down, and would I write down my Emergency Contact’s phone number on a piece of paper. I did so, but with the supervisor still watching me, I decided this is NOT how a large and reputable company, like Virgin Mobile, should be treating it’s customers.
I asked a number of people later, and all of them agreed that cellphone companies do not ask for an Emergency Contact. This, in conjunction with many other incidents this past month – including at work – could come across as both threatening and invasive.
(At work, it’s been more ‘differential’ treatment, discriminatory and intimidating behaviours. Details to come, here.)
(Ironically, I just did a search for the detailed email I wrote about phone hacking a few weeks ago, after which my phone stopped being able to make or receive calls the very next morning – it would ring and the caller ID would show up, but I couldn’t communicate with anyone.  That email is now completely gone from my Gmail account – both the Inbox and the Sent folder.)
I eventually ended up at a more reliable phone kiosk at Markville. But I don’t doubt they, too, may be co-opted by operatives.
In the less than 2 weeks I’ve had this new iPhone, it has had a mind of its own, along with an array of glitches (I will post an audio recording shortly; some errors can be seen here). And to think, last year – or even last month – I was a relatively happy camper and had no haunting concerns about phone tampering, or my and others’ personal safety.

(Note to activists: I’m aware of the many horrific downsides of the mobile phone industry — Blood in the Mobile, suicides at Apple manufacturing plants, etc — as well as the real health hazards these phones pose (I kept a newspaper clipping about it in the early 90s). But the smartphone has been my only means of keeping my ADD life on track, and now it’s an, albeit limited, countersurveillance device.

Wish I’d had one back in the early 2000’s to capture the crazy and seemingly impossible goings-on of illegal surveillance and social control that have frankly contributed to systematic Canadian and American totalitarianism – which decent, right-minded people are increasingly co-operating in. Murder, and all. They see it as ‘maintaining social balance’. Well, we shall see.)


(This excerpt is from my 2004-2005 surveillance blog…)
A NEW WORLD ORDER is forming right under our very noses. Yet, the actual methods and mentality are very old.

Political theorist Hannah Arendt made telling observations about people who try to assert widespread control by undermining individual rights, privacy, and freedom. I believe this is called totalitarianism. The problem is, it’s being achieved through extremely pleasant and beguiling means (eg, media, entertainment, internet, cellphones, etc).

[Totalitarianism:] A special version of authoritarian control – political or cultural – that invades the individual’s private sphere in all aspects of life, and operates by the willing participation of the people in their own oppression.
Totalitarianism is often confused with regular tyranny, and shouldn’t be: totalitarianism is far more rational, systematic, and invisible than little-fish dictators. Along these lines,totalitarianism could only emerge in the twentieth century, thanks to information technology.
There were three in the past hundred years: Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s Third Reich, and Mao’s People’s Republic. Many thinkers see today’s global economy and entertainment-based soothing of outrage as the foundations of the next totalitarian system, McWorld.

[Emphasis added. Source unknown.]

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