Targeted Tech Tampering in Toronto

Whistleblowing on tech sabotage and collusion is a gargantuan undertaking in our now-digital world. And frankly, people have killed or harmed for far less.

With Toronto poised to become the first “Smart City” in North America, and my having potentially ruffled feathers with a few major tech companies AND others with my ongoing concerns and critiques about illegal surveillance and Privacy, Security, Democracy and Autonomy, I have finally been forced to file a couple of complaints (seemingly minor, yet the implications are huge), plus request refunds and nominal compensation across a range of technology-based products and services. I must also track the continuing anomalies, as well as try to safeguard my own health and safety and those connected to me. In short, our most basic Rights and Freedoms in North America are at stake.


Since launching this blog 3 months ago, I (and to a lesser extent my loved ones) have been encountering a constant barrage of ‘technological issues’, anomalies or problems. Yet, before that, almost nothing.

The targeted deletion and tampering of my ‘evidence’ media files is just one of many key issues – be it from my cellphone, laptop, 3 USB drives, and so on.

In the latter 2 cases, this involved over 1,000 photos and videos, and dozens of key documents being wiped out. And I haven’t even checked the rest yet because plugging in the USBs or switching on my laptop render them instantly vulnerable to remote access and sabotage – EVEN THOUGH THE INTERNET CONNECTION IS SUPPOSEDLY DISCONNECTED.

One short video was even edited in my photo library to conveniently omit the person I was taking note of.

There has also been the endless inability to access, backup, download / upload, or otherwise share and safely store my media files. Plus innumerable anomalies with my cloud account.

Here are just a few examples:

1. 153 missing media files in my cloud account, between January 22 to February 6, 2020.

(NOTE: This happens to be the period that my mother travelled to California; and I encamped myself and our dog for 10 full days at her place – due to increasing incidents and anomalies inside and outside our homes and my car – see post.)

2. I have discussed elsewhere the “Rewriting of the World Wide Web” (see post). Likewise, some of my media files and online communications (emails, chat transcript, blogposts) have undergone “Revisionist” tweaks. Eg, photos taken January 8 at 3:25pm now appear as January 17 at 11:50am on the cloud.

(NOTE: I am presently unable to save or delete files on my device, in order to post here. Please come again. )

More info to come on these pivotal concerns…

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