Divine Justice and Social Control

A certain irony sprang to mind recently, which suggests (to me) that my life has been one big cosmic battle or fated journey, from the start.

The last place I visited in Asia — before my originally scheduled flight from Hong Kong, ✈️ returning to Canada via New York on September 12, 2001 (the day after the ‘9/11’ attacks and World Trade Centre tragedy) — was a mosque 🕌.

You’ll have to read my various posts questioning the “official story” behind 9/11; as well as my naive belief in and arguments for some measure of TRUTH and ACCOUNTABILITY in our public domains. The latter are possible, yet effort and willingness are needed, as well as public awareness and pressure.

Regardless of how people may now view me, and wish for either my harm/death or subjugation (“licking the soles of the righteous’s feet”), I truly believed in an equitable, peaceful, prosperous, sustainable and mutually beneficial co-existence among all people. However, I have finally learned well and truly that the world simply doesn’t work that way, and never will.

Not only are these things clearly outlined in ancient spiritual texts — but frankly, people rather have ‘power over’, rather than ‘power with’. Apparently, it’s in our brains and DNA.

So, in 2020, it appears that a whole North American and global reunification is currently underway among various religious and ethnic groups and nations (I am compelled to be vague here) — who are covertly and collectively targeting China and Chinese people as being a highly undesirable group, and an economic monolith with overtly imperialistic and xenophobic tendencies (I certainly wouldn’t disagree; yet, I could analyze that topic a number of ways, across cultures).

This new stratagem *necessarily* includes the progressive undermining and disempowerment of overseas or ‘diaspora’ Chinese folks, like myself. Even if one is born and raised in another, supposedly democratic, country (eg, Canada 🇨🇦), one’s fundamental rights could be at risk, and one’s loved ones threatened if one tries to speak out — never mind any false and naive beliefs one may have about relative “equality”, or even how long one’s family may have lived in that country of birth, and contributed in various ways to its development.

That is all yesteryear: 2020 is a New Global Paradigm.

A few targeted strategies could include: 1) population downsizing (eg, CORONAVIRUS – A’s the world is currently in a massive global shutdown and ‘trial run’ for pandemics in general); and 2) taking China down technologically, economically, and hence, politically. And in my case over here in Canada, socially, too.

In just 5 short months, I have lost almost all contact or support from friends, relatives, etc. Anyway, just mark my words, these alliances for a New Global Paradigm, and active efforts to disempower any and all folks of Chinese ancestry will continue forever, literally (except for some or a few who are totally obedient, complicit and/or momentarily useful).

Welcome to 2020.

See next post, “Serving the Almighty”.

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