“Being silent [about a widespread problem, corruption or abuse] is enslavement. And, there is choice, and that’s… freedom.”

Rebecca Musser in “Unbreakable” episode of Dateline (2020; aired May 9); she was purportedly a key witness, helping to convict the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), a large Mormon sect in Texas, and their all-controlling prophet Warren Jeffs, in 2007.

If all is as the broadcast TV episode reports, much power to Rebecca Musser! 🙌

She, at least, had law enforcement, the Texas Rangers, and honest, decent people of integrity sitting on the court jury, etc, on her side. Basically, it was still a time (pre-2020) where determining Right and Wrong is far more clearcut. (Thus, those individuals were likely not blatantly psychologically profiled, manipulated and controlled; or effectively co-opted and sold on a utopian vision (ahem, COVID-19) to abandon normal laws and the importance of TRUTH — by either gaining widespread support using compelling scientific research about evolution, existing ancient spiritual texts, and both illegal and expanding technology surveillance. (Hello, Big Brother!) And they/I didn’t have to contend with potential health threats; economic and/or job reprisals; or character defamations.)

More about Rebecca Musser, below.

Rebecca Musser

Rebecca Musser with prophet husband Ruhlon Jeffs; Rebecca Musser

Musser is also the author of The Witness Wore Red, her memoirs about apparently being born and raised in a polygamist religious cult, and living in the FLDS compound under Ruhlon Jeffs; and then, married to the 92-year old, and later, passed on to his son and the next-in-line accepted prophet/church leader, Warren Jeffs.

I could do one of my ‘media analyses’ about how many aspects of this story suggest political pre-planning, a coordinated social agenda, and constructing a series of falsehoods by setting up key players in pursuit of a larger, overarching goal — besides being a compelling tale of one seemingly strong one woman, who overcame incredible odds, a tragic upbringing, and all-powerful entities.

It’s not unlike COVID-19! (See next post.)

Frankly, I started this CanadaTruth blog for 2 simple reasons:

1) To share some long-held thoughts and suggestions for facilitating socio-environmental changes and economic prosperity for Canada 🇨🇦 and Canadians, while also strengthening national unity, encouraging constructive cross-country dialogue, and cultivating real TEAM SPIRIT — purely for intellectual stimulation, as a “creative outlet”; and

2) Safeguarding my personal health, safety, and wellbeing, and those of loved ones, while alerting people about the POWER and possibilities of (now, widely accepted) illegal technology spying, psychological profiling and sociopolitical controls perpetrated by major companies, government and authorities upon masses of innocent people = TECHNOLOGY TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY.

In trying to communicate my unusual experiences and unlikely realities — which includes tampering, sabotage and deletion of many of my key media files (ie, photos, videos, screenshots, audio; plus internet access and online accounts) — I have avoided discussing many topics that are relevant to, and impactful upon, my life experiences, and hence, personal knowledge.

And please let me *remind* those who are “in the know”, up until 2 months ago, I had used and PAID FOR every form of possible internet and ONLINE PRIVACY available. Not because I feel it does much to actually protect me from deliberate hackers and/or prying authorities — but to prove to myself (and if necessary, any others who may doubt my credibility) that I am NOT imagining both the technological invasions into my daily life, never violations and trespasses into my physical home and vehicle, the sudden incommunicado of all my friends and or rather, acquaintances, the inexplicable malfunctions of numerous brand-new products (ie, 6 live-action cameras costing $1,000; nine out of 16 BRAND NEW SMARTPHONES costing $11,200; tablets, audio recorder, etc); and poor service from normally reliable and respectable businesses.

Oh, I could go on…

Many of the greatest and most influential philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, writers and artists, researchers and inventors etc studied life — ie, human existence, sociopolitical problems (environment, economy, religion and the former power of the church, etc), health and diseases, astronomy et al, space travel, and the universes beyond earth — in a HOLISTIC WAY. They also commonly had profound spiritual beliefs and did significant or even extensive research along these lines — yet, much of that material is held back from the public. Whether through censorship, suppression, or simply dismissed and ignored. Way too many to list, but easy examples are Plato, Socrates, Galileo, Nostradamus, Rene Descartes, Albert Einstein, etc.

In western civilization around the time of the Renaissance I think (?), there began a strong leaning towards Descartesian-style “rationalism”. Another interesting topic one could explore, if so inclined and with energy to spare.


I absolutely love, LOVE innovation (!!) ( even used to include quotes about how we might collectively “get old ideas out”, in order to *imagine*, innovate, and therefore CREATE better solutions and shared futures (ie, mutually satisfying, effective, healthy, sustainable, or whatever…). I am also compulsively obsessed with good design, and (once upon a time) improving things whenever possible — be it self-help, workflow in the workplace, social and environmental problems, etc. I look forward to eventually shaking off my attachments to ‘the past’, cultivating a positive mental outlook, and embracing my albeit highly-controlled future.

I am innately bisexual; and yet, I have been strongly dissuaded from indulging this fundamental aspect of myself, or in any way encouraging or even entertaining my “non-Biblically approved” desires. Long story.

I have never claimed to be a *good writer*. Am so well aware of my many limitations; I usually write because I am compelled to do so by personal need or circumstances. I am like an auto mechanic or butcher trying to perform brain surgery. In fact, back in the day, when I changed high schools in Grade 12, my new English teacher accused me of plagiarizing. 🤷🏻‍♀️ As a result, I wrote my poorest English exam/test in 12 years of school life, because I overcompensated, trying to prove that yes, sometimes I can write a decent sentence.

Speaking of ‘brain surgery’, I hope to post about my lifelong interest in brain health and alternative healing methods — before I may lose any of my faculties, due to deliberate health threats mentioned elsewhere in this blog. (NOTE: All of the elders in my family, both sides, have been long-lived and remained exceptionally sharp. Another huge and potentially controversial topic: The Power to Heal vs. The Power to Harm.

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